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Athena, the goddess of wisdom, was Zeus’s daughter who advised and helped Argos build the ship called the Argo. This ship would be used by our hero Jason and his band of Argonauts in their search for the Golden Fleece.

The Athena Initiative invites JASON educators and leaders from across the US and the world to become advisers and builders of STEM instructional resources incorporating JASON Curriculum.

  • Teachers, JASON Learning invites you to share lessons that highlight the creative ways in which you have tweaked and enhanced the use of JASON resources to meet the needs of YOUR students.
  • Curriculum leaders, JASON Learning invites you to share the ways you’ve integrated JASON Learning into your Scope and Sequences, Pacing Guides or other district level curriculum documents.

Start sharing by looking for the “Owl of Athena” tile on the Explore Resources page within  Athena contributors will receive 1 CEU for collaborating on this project with JASON.

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